Move beyond coping with grief to recover fully and create a new wholehearted life.

Coping with grief is not enough when we can and are supposed to recover fully from the pain of loss and grief.

To cope with something is to tolerate or manage the stress of a problem.

The combination of loss and grief is not a stress to merely be managed nor is it a problem to be solved.

Grief is a response to a circumstance of loss and separation that must be validated and worked through in order to recover and feel better.

This is where we get stuck.

This is why our grief recovery after a significant loss is often slowed or stopped completely.

We aim to only tolerate and manage the stress of grief. Simply minimizing the stress will not allow us to fully recover.

This book will actually help you move through the pain of grief no matter how long you have been suffering so that you can feel better and begin to remake your life moving forward to wholehearted living.

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