Have You Been Thrown Off Course?

Life is full of tough transitions… and they are a bitch!

Ugly divorce, death of a spouse, losing a parent to dementia or worse, losing your mind and body through menopause and other physical changes, losing children to college and then to adulthood.

These losses can take you out – to the edge of sadness and even despair.

I know you can’t see it now, but inside the turbulence you now face is a gift.

I promise that you can get to the other side of these tough transitions.

In these pages, I’ll give you the tools and the 5-step Joy Activation Process to do that.

As you read, you will get to the core of what your soul needs and desires.

Through your fogginess and feeling stuck, you’ll find clarity.

Yes, you’ve been through a lot.

I know.

It’s a major change!

Trust the process, and you will find your new direction.

This book is for you, and I will guide you back to your joy.

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