Bottom line: if you’re going to start and run a business, you should make it as profitable as you can.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, or if you are considering starting a business, I wrote this book for you and it may be the most important book you read this year.

This book is about one thing: How to generate higher profits in your business. There are 19 immediate profit-enhancing strategies that you can use today, no matter what business you are in. No matter what your main purpose or reason is for starting a business, it must be profitable to sustain and grow.

Profit is not a bad word. A successful, profitable business can provide you with freedom and financial security. The bottom line, as I see it, is that if you re going to start and run a business, you should make it as profitable as you can.

My belief is that higher profits provide you, the business owner, the opportunity to grow, attract top talent, reduce debt, give back and serve others, provide for your retirement, and, in the end, create a more valuable asset that you can sell when you re ready to cash out and go sit on a beach!

This book is not about how to start a small business. You will not find blueprints, checklists, business plans, or sample mission statements for that. However, if you are already own a small business or are about to start one, the information contained on these pages will flat out make you more money.

A word of warning! Some of the ideas, marketing strategies, and business-building techniques that I suggest you implement in your business may seem somewhat outside the box, or perhaps even radical. They may even cause you some discomfort and angst, prompting you to think, “this will never work in my business”.

Get over it, read the book, implement these strategies, and profit!

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